Home Theatre

Connecting a high-end audio/video system might seem a daunting task; all those component cables, HDMI, speakers (front left, surround back right, presence left, etc.), and then there are speaker impedance settings!!

Sometimes a little help is needed to make sure you get what you are supposed to get from your system:

  • Not sure how and where to connect any of your equipment?
  • Not sure how to get your old VCR to play through your new HDMI-only TV?
  • Just bought a new audio system? Thinking of buying one?
  • Need help installing a screen/projector and calibrating the image?
  • Your audio system not “sounding right”?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Cable Guys can help you!

We specialize in all home technology equipment, so you can enjoy the sound and video you should be getting from your system by:

  • Checking all connections and reducing the chances of amateur installers ruining your equipment
  • Calibrating your audio settings to your living space, allowing you to enjoy the best experience possible
  • Providing and installing all the equipment you need to maximise you experience

We do the work so you don’t have to, and stay true to our mission, "To make the complexities of tech, elegantly simple."

Give us a call today for a free in-phone consultation, or drop a line through sales@cableguys.net